A pair of red RollEase Cases snaps together to roll effortlessly as a unit. The clamshell hinged lid makes unpacking and repacking easy. Durable nylon straps and buckles secure the RollEase during transit.

For both, Rollease and Rolluxe cases:

  • Push or Pull with ease by its comfort grip handles.
  • Lights Pack into the core.
  • Fabric and Graphics roll up within protective inner core for transit.
  • Glides effortlessly with steel ball bearing wheels.
  • Connected Magnetic struts drop easily into corner sections
  • Instand Frame packs in the core inside a nylon bag.
Rolluxe Case

Nomadic’s signature red Rolluxe Case offers greater packing volume for your Instand frame, fabric and graphics, ElectroStruts and lights. The top of the Rolluxe case lifts of for use as a stepstool, a handy feature for any exhibitor. The Rolluxe also has a Counter Conversion which completes your exhibit space.

Nomadic's ingenious Rolluxe Cases are the elegant way to transport your display. Our distinctive new cases are designed with the exhibitor in mind. Rolluxe Cases provide maximum protection for your display during transit, simple efficient internal packaging and even a convenient built-in step stool!
  • Rotationally molded of ultraviolet resistant plastic for superior strength and durability.
  • Advanced design offers greater packing volume.
  • Lower opening provides strain-free access to content.
  • Checks as airline luggage or ships via shipping companies.
  • Guaranteed for one full year.
  • Patents pending.
All descriptive text is provided by: Nomadic Display.
Cases built to accommodate flat panel Laarhoven exhibits. These can keep graphics and panels safe from damage during shipping.